"They call me JOKER,.....I don't even know what to call myself~"
Kind Earth Pony
Gender Male
Residence {{{residence}}}
Occupation Ringleader/Magician for Cirque de terre d'merveilles
Eyes red (always closed)
Mane Red and Black
Nicknames {{{nicknames}}}
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Coat White
Cutie Mark Joker Card Symbol
Singing voice me

JOKER is an entity of questionable origin. He appears to grant the wishes of those he comes into contact with but skews them to cause as much chaos as possible while making the wish a reality, for his own enjoyment.


JOKER takes the form of an earth pony with a red mane with black streaks in it that covers his right eye and a red tail with black streaks in it, and a white coat. His eyes are red with alarge void-like pupil,and he has red diamond pattern hooves. He is usually always smileing. He also wears a red and black patchwork magic sentient top hat. He occationally wears a red and black striped tie. Weather or not he is really a pony is up for debate.


JOKER is a cheerful carefree pony, who loves life, and his job. He is very estatic and unpredictable, always telling jokes, or makeing puns. He has a sinister side aswell. He tends to grant the wishes of anypony he comes in contact with, but tends to skew with those wishes to cause as much chaos as possible.

Cutie MarkEdit

JOKER's cutie mark is the symbol commonly found on Joker cards( an "S" encased in a "U") enveloped by a clock. No-pony is exactly sure of what this means, as it's as mysterious as JOKER is.



JOKER is compleately indifferent to trixie, just seeing her as annoying. Trixie on the other hand hates that JOKER can do "magic" without being a unicorn.

The Ed TrioEdit


Crystal NightEdit

He finds crystal veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy annoying.

The Rest Of The CircusEdit

"Who?" -JOKER


JOKER and Zecora have a rough acquantanceship. JOKER frequently steals from zechora, even though his magic usually does not require potions. JOKER also sees zechora as a rival, and tends to put adds for himself all over Zecora's place.


JOKER's history, if any, is unknown.Edit

Meeting The Ed TrioEdit



Friends on the other sideEdit

This is the song he sings (or speaks to music) in the Roleplay: The Ed Trio's Story. Lyrics comeing soon.



  • he is named after the JOKER playing card, not the batman character.
  • He loves playing cards.
  • He speaks in a very sing-song voice.
  • He works for the Cirque de terre d'merveilles.
  • While normally the JOKER card is treated as neutral, JOKER appears to favor the "diamond" card suit.
  • JOKER is the embodiement of what the japanese think of wonderland. A demonic and illusional place where insane people go, JOKER is insane and is demonic in appearance.He is also an illutionist.
  • JOKER is based on the Mad Hatter.
  • he also does tarot card readings.
  • Hes got friends on the other side.
  • He is based on Jack-Of-All from the fear myhtos.
  • He has multiple personality dissorder.
  • He appears to also be in charge of a mysterious illusion world, known as the "toybox". The "toybox" looks like a prison with toys scattered all over the ground.
  • He is partially based on Jefferson from OUAT.
  • He is the holder of the Element Of Lies .

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