Whoo hoo! pinkie pie said to her friend twilight who seemed extremely scared upon her arrival into the balloon alright pinkie but you can't jump out ok her friend said sheesh twilight she's not stupid said spike well I refuse to take that chance spike I mean she could pinkie! but pinkie was gone she had to have already been halfway to the bottom by now back on the on the ground fluttershy was taking her animals to get some fresh air on the beach but she saw a mysterious reindeer washed up on the beach he was out cold she took him to her care he awoke in her cottage wondering his wherabouts he screamed at the top of his lungs LUFFY!!!! but you can't go out there little reindeer you'll get hurt little? (flash!) oh not so little but you're just a reindeer wrong i'm a doctor. and so he rushed to the door when the door came banging the reindeer in the face Twilight came in upset and confused and told her friend about the accident the two were going to leave for the ocean alone but the reindeer insisted he went with them Doctor please reconsider fluttershy said NO! i'm going to find my friends if it kills me oh and I have a name you know it's CHOPPER Tony Tony Chopper as they set off to unknown wherabouts a simalar adventure was going on far out in the sea do you see him Usopp said the mysterious captain of the ship No luffy Iike to hold a reindeer over my back Usopp said oh man I really hoped that was him said Luffy It is him?! he said why did'nt you say so? get him on board! the straw hat boy said Nami is he breathing? said a strange curly eye browed blond I think so but... this is'nt Chopper Nami said alright then who is it? said a large bulky man in a speedo Me and Nami have concluded this is a pony with sticks on it's head covered in mud the creepy woman said alright let's wash it and find out where it's from.

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