Adrea is a young Phoenix, and is the daughter of Nira. Unlike most Phoenixes, she and her mother are pale blue. Their blue fire is hotter than red fire, so this makes her fire abilities stronger.


Adrea is a small baby Phoenix in shades of pale blue instead of red and orange. Her eyes are a deep green, and she sometimes wears a small daisy in her head. The daisy is often wilted or charred, but she doesn't seem to notice.


Because the volcano she lives by resonates powerful magic, mainly fire magic, Adrea and her mother have the ability to use telepathy. They can also levitate small objects and set fires with their minds.


Adrea was born in Fire Isle, not very far from the blue volcano. She had only hatched for a week before Axis Solaris, Twilight, and Spike had arrived. When they first had asked for the blue feathers, her mother had refused.

Solaris and Twilight left in hopes of finding another blue Phoenix, and Adrea followed. They made it up to the foot of the volcano before they discovered her. She happily gave them a few of her feathers and flew off. It was only moments before the ponies heard the volcano rumbling.

Shortly after the Wings of Fire storyline, Adrea and her mother moved to Canterlot, where Lunaris decided to let them join the royal family with Philomeena, Leo, and Capricorn. They freely soar about the castle grounds.

Because if the change in enviromental temprature, their feathers turned from blue to a paler color. Their flames are still stronger than a normal Phoenix, though.


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