Aeran is a large sky city, about halfway across the world from Ponyville.


The most prominent feature about this city is that it's basically all a large sky playground. It is a large place where pegasi can test their flight abilities by weaving through the huge network of obstacles, buildings among them. Races are not at all uncommon in Aeran due to it's fixation on flight.


The population of Aeran is mostly comprised of skillful fliers, who can utilize the structure of the city to their full advantage, however, it still contains a population of elderly pegasi, who can still get around using the roads on the lower level of clouds. As well as this, Aeran posesses a lively population of youth, who can easily get the hang of flying with an incredibly successful flight camp.

Transportation Methods

The main transportation method of Aeran is flight, and the city has been adapted for others to use that to the fullest. A relatively new feature is the jetstream currents that flow through the city that pegasi can fly through to increase their speed exponentially, either for transport or for play. Aeran is the first sky city that has been able to harness the power of jetstreams. An older, but still heavily implemented feature of Aeran is the Skyhook Rail System. Pegasi can utilize Skyhooks, small retractable hooks that are used on the rail system, to latch onto the rails, and the rail will carry them along with electromagnetism and increase their speed. There are many variations of the Skyhook, and it has become a popular merchandising item. Premium Skyhooks can further increase speed, and the very best custom ordered ones can not only do that, but have features such as a tethered grapple hook system, which further increased maneuverability among the rail systems. Also implemented are catapults which utilize the Skyhook to launch pegasi at high speeds.