Aero Blitz
Kind Pegasus - Evolved
Gender Male
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Occupation Lord Protector to Princess Celestia
Eyes Right - Silver

Left - Blue

Mane Black and Silver
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Coat White
Cutie Mark Tribal Symbol
He is the second Natural Evolved born, and is the eldest child of Downbeat and Lightblade.


Born as the eldest of the three children of Downbeat and Lightblade, Aero Blitz was always somewhat rebellious in his nature, tending to stick to his own way and not letting anything deter him from his goals. At about 2 years old, Aero's magic suddenly burst out and, although nothing was damaged and nobody was hurt, it resulted in minor brain damaged that caused the part of the brain that keeps his muscles from using their full strength constantly to switch off, putting him in a constant state of hysterical strength, allowing him to lift up a refridgerator at 2 years old without magic. However, this constant strain on his body led to him breaking bones and practically tearing himself apart whenever he used that strength, requiring multiple visits to the hospital. Across years of this, however, his body has adapted to being able to use this strength constantly, and Aero can use his extreme strength without causing damage to himself.


Somewhat instinctive, but able to think things through if need be, Aero Blitz is always willing to have fun, and will more often than not be bored out of his mind unless he has something to occupy his time. He is caring of others and will protect others with his life. He is extremely protective of his sisters, Lullaby and Light Crescendo, but he knows when it comes down to it they can more than fend for themselves. Aero likes to fly around and train with his physical and magical abilities to get stronger.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

A Natural Evolved, Aero Blitz possesses a near immesurable amount of magical power, as well as hightened physical abilities. Also, he has inherited much of his father's power, giving him the potential to become stronger than any other Natural outside his family. Aero also has an insanely high pain threshold, easily able to take losing a limb and keep fighting, simply ignoring any pain inflicted on him. This tenacity can make him an extremely difficult opponent to defeat, as the only way to get him to stop fighting is to make his body quit on him.

Interesting to note, is that Aero Blitz is not given enhanced strength by default due to his magic, requiring him to voluntarily put magic into lifting extremely heavy objects or delivering powerful blows, however, he is constantly in a state of hysterical strength, giving him insane strength values that are still within the realm of what anyone can perform. However, constantly being in this state means he needs to be extremely careful with handling delicate things, and over the years he has honed himself to be able to control his strength while in this state, however he tends to let loose whenever he loses his temper.

Blade ShiftEdit

He has inherited his father's shift ability, with it becoming Blade Shift, allowing him to move incredibly quickly while at the same time attacking anyone in his path.

Judgement CutEdit

His signature ability is a technique named Judgement Cut, that operates from his right eye. It produces a dimensional blade able to cut through absolutely anything, however if overused he can be temporarily blinded in his right eye, and more powerful cuts will blind him on the spot, as his eye will take physical damage in the form of a cut across it in the same form as the cut he projected.

Infinity BladeEdit

Aero Blitz possesses an advanced form similar to his father's Feathered Butterfly, named Infinity Blade. In this form, Aero's physical appearance remains the same, however both eyes turn silver and he is able to use Judgement Cut from both, and becoming immune to the harmful effects of its overuse, as well as being able to launch multiple cuts from each eye simultaneously. Additionally, Judgement Cut's power is boosted highly, leaving "tears" in the space-time continuum that appear as dimensionless black cuts where they land. While in this mode Aero's physical and magical abilities are enhanced drastically, and his Shift ability's speed and accuracy rivals that of Lightblade's.

Perfect BerserkEdit

Aero Blitz has inherited his father's natural fighting instinct as well as his killing instinct, but not all out Berserk. This means that while he may take on a darker personality and go into a battle frenzy, it is never out of his control, resulting in a brutal but still precise fighting style that can only be desribed as a Perfect Berserk.


Lightblade - Father

Downbeat - Mother

Lullaby - Sister

Light Crescendo - Sister

Shiden - Pet/Best friend

Sharp - Aunt

Flat - Uncle

Soft Aria - Cousin

Arpeggio - Grandmother

Quicksilver - Grandfather (Deceased)


  • Aero Blitz has heterochromia, with his left eye blue and his right eye silver.
  • Aero Blitz's Judgement Cut ability is based on the abilty of the same name used by Vergil with Yamato in Devil May Cry 3.
  • Aero's wing and feather tips are black.
  • Aero's strength and parts of his history are loosely based on the background of Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara.
  • Like Light, Aero despises the cold, but loves the snow.

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