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Affinity is a Unicorn from Ponyville.
Kind Unicorn
Gender Female
Residence {{{residence}}}
Occupation Fourth Knight of the White Knights - First Generation

Third Knight - Second Generation

Eyes Light Blue
Mane Magenta
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Coat Purple
Cutie Mark Flowers

Early LifeEdit

Affinity like to test her magical abilities. From just a baby she had incredible magic potential. She would regularly be seen manipulating objects in her house of phasing through walls. As she got older, her magical abilities far exceeded the average, earning her an easy place in Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns in Canterlot. She excelled in the school, but she didn't like how strict it was. Her parents allowed her to go to a normal school in Ponyville and she was able to practice her magic on her own time. She would often practice with Lightblade, who she had formed a friendship with.

The White KnightsEdit

Unlike the others, Affinity was asked personally by Light to join the White Knights, due to her high magic abilities. She refused at first, but thought it over, and eventually decided to join, passing all the tests and securing her place as Fourth Knight. In the group, she is the second most powerful magic user, under Light, although she is not as experienced in close combat. She acts mainy for magic support.


Affinity is modest in herself and what she does. She often underestimates herself unless she has support from her friends, even though she is more than capable of defeating powerful enemies. She is very appreciative of help and is always willing to help others in return. She likes to train with her magic when she has nothing to do, and likes even more to train with other members of the White Knights.


Affinity can use her magic very effectively at keeping enemies at a distance while she quickly hits them with energy bolts. She is fast on her hooves and can easily outrun grounded enemies to keep her distance. When she needs more speed she can glide over her magic to accelerate herself. She is not as skilled in hoof to hoof combat, however, she can use her magic for close range combat if necessary.

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