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Image: WHRE.jpg
Gender Male
Eyes Red
Hair White

Akat is the primary antagonist in the fanfiction Belonging. He is the first human to visit Equestria.


Nothing is known about Akat's original life. Whether because it is unknown to him (as with Ishi), or that he simply doesn't care, or if it is just lost to time is unknown. At first somewhat rebellious but still caring, Akat quickly fell into darkness realizing that this world was nothing to him as it wasn't his own. He sought for power, turning against Celestia who defeated him and officially killed him to pacify the world of his practices. Unofficially, he survived and continued to grow in power secretly, waiting for another human to come to Equestria. Over 1,000 years would pass until that time came.


Akat is a caucasian male of around 6'0" in height and weighing around 135 lbs. He has short white hair and red eyes from years of practicing dark magic. He wears a black hooded cloak that he keeps the hood down on mostly, and seems to wear a maroon top and black bottom under it with a brown heavy belt that keeps his blade Kusanagi in place at his waist.


Due to Akat collecting dark magics over 1,000 plus years, he is not necessarily evil and dark in his personality. He is only aggressive to the world because he realized it had nothing for him to live for, deciding instead to invest in himself and himself alone. He is calm and calculating, uncaring about the world around him. Akat does however hold a vengeful grudge against Celestia, and plans to kill her for his own personal vendetta, uncaring about the consequences, but doing nothing else after that. He is actually friendly to Ishi, as he is the only other human to come to Equestria, and is willing to work with him to find out who he was.


Akat is shown to be very practiced in dark magic, and has red eyes to reflect that. However, he has trained himself to not be corrupted by said power, and in effect completely controls the dark magics of the world without any negative effects on his body or mind. He is able to use magic to extremely powerful ends, being well versed in all kinds of elements. He is a skilled alchemist as well, using that to further his dark magic abilities as well as conduct various experiments.



Akat's primary and seemingly only weapon is Kusanagi, an elegant katana that is sharp enough to cut through nearly anything without losing its edge. It is an incredibly powerful magical weapon as well, being able to send out energy blades over distances with a few quick swipes. Akat is able to use this weapon with such speed and finesse that it almost seems like he never pulls the weapon from its sheath at all.

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