The Alliance is a group of sentient robot ponies wanting rule the world. They also kidnap ponies and make them cyborgs.

Basic InformationEdit


Ponies in the Alliance are ranked by their armor color. If they rise in rank, they get an "upgrade" and their amor color changes.

The lowest rank is a dull grey and the highest rank is a blue-silver. Projects are also ranked by importance in this manner.

The full ranking goes like this

Dull Grey


Pale Grey







Pale Rose



Dull Grey MembersEdit

Grey MembersEdit

Pale Grey MembersEdit

Silver MembersEdit

Alpha - ???

White-Silver MembersEdit

Bronze MembersEdit

Golden-Bronze MembersEdit

Gold MembersEdit

Mercy - Former member, negotiator

Blue MembersEdit

Beta - ???

Pale Rose MembersEdit

Blue-Silver MembersEdit

Omega - Leader, Robo-pony, Controls facility

Gamma - Second in command, Unicorn, ???

Zeta - Head scientist, Robo-pony, ???

Dorkee - Youngest member, Robo-pony, ???


Hibernating ProjectsEdit

Hibernating Projects are those that are either too unstable/failed and cannot be released to the world, or prototypes needing upgrades.

Dull Grey - Silver ProjectsEdit

Project 0 - Pegasus, Grey Armor, Experienced spontaneous shutdown

Project 45 - Unicorn, Silver Armor, Loss of magic caused brain to malfunction

Project Amber - Pegasus, Dull Grey Armor, Pinned wings stopped flow of blood

White-Silver - Gold ProjectsEdit

Project Aquarius - Earth Pony, Gold, Needing life support system upgrade

Blue ProjectsEdit

Pale Rose ProjectsEdit

Project Wince - Unicorn, Magic too strong for own good, caused automatic hibernation

Blue-Silver ProjectsEdit

Project Infinity - Alicorn, Unable to control its power source

Active ProjectsEdit

Active Projects are those currently in the facility and are recieving training, as well as being monitored.

Dull Grey - Silver ProjectsEdit

White-Silver - Gold ProjectsEdit

Project 372 - Pegasus, White-Silver Armor, Very adept in contortionism

Project Copernicus - Earth Pony, Bronze Armor, Can cause small tremors when jumping

Project Sigma - Pegasus, Gold Armor, Powers yet to be confirmed

Blue ProjectsEdit

Pale Rose ProjectsEdit

Project Zeruel - Alicorn, Powers yet to be confirmed

Blue-Silver ProjectsEdit

Project XXX - Unicorn, Abilities unknown

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