Amethyst Shimmer
Amethyst Shimmer
Created by JustLikePinkiePie
Species/kind Earth
Gender Female
More info
Residence Fillydelphia
Occupation Athlete
Eyes Gray
Mane Purple
Coat Light Pink

Amethyst Shimmer is an earth pony and resident of Fillydelphia.

Amethyst Shimmer is a tomboy, likes sports, and loves to paint. Her and her pet bat, Vampiretta, like to watch football in there private VIP box. She is Rainbow Dash's pen pal and payed her a visit last winter to help Rainbow Dash with the Winter Wrap-Up. She makes a living from being registered as a self-employed artist and working as a nurse.


  • "I ain't gonna eat snails! That's repulsive! Bleck!"


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