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Angel Cake Sugar
Angel Cake
Her image with no cutie mark
Kind Earth pony
Gender Female
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Occupation Baker
Eyes Chocolate brown
Mane Bubblegum pink
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Coat Pale yellow
Cutie Mark Cake with pink icing
Emily Koch

Angel Cake is a young Earth pony and member of the Sugar family.


Angel Cake has a light yellow coat that is almost cream in color. She has a pink mane considered to be bubblegum pink or petal pink. (making her coat and mane having resembling color schemes as Fluttershy) She has bright chocolate eyes that appear warm and friendly.

Angel's cutie mark is a one-layer cake with pink icing the same color as her mane.


All of Angel Cake's friends and family call her Angel with the exception of her uncle, King Sweet. She is as sweet as her name, always thinking about others with a sweetly sweet voice of lovely girl decision. She has a motherly nature, especially around foals and loves to smell flowers at heavenly gardens near Ponyville. Angel is always looking out for her friends and family and tries to do what everyone asks. This can get her into messes because she doesn't like saying no and gets mad often.

Angel gets mad when she is accused she's Fluttershy. She calms down immediately when she hides so that her anger doesn't rise so she doesn't rage more.


Angel was the third pony born into her family, the first being Sherbet and Cotton Candy. Her mother Sugar Queen soon discovered that Angel had a talent for making desserts and quickly put her to work at the family bakery and sweet shop: Pastry Parlor.

Angel often likes to teach foals how to bake alongside Pinkie Pie.


Sugar Queen: mother

Sherbet: sister

Cotton Candy: sister

Chocolate Cookie: sister

Shortcake: sister

For a full list, see Sugar family.


"Well, I don't want anyone to get mad, so am I."

"I'd love to!" (mostly as a acception of a told task)

"Don't accuse me. I am not Fluttershy. If you guys know her and you think I am her, don't accuse again."

"Apple Bloom mai foal!"