Apple Bloom

Castle Creator Apple Bloom

Apple Bloom ID S5E18

Created by Lauren Faust
Species/kind Earth Pony
Gender Female
More info
Residence Sweet Apple Acres
Occupation Student at Cheerilee's class
Cutie Mark Crusader
Eyes -¤- Light brilliant amaranth gradient to brilliant gamboge
Mane -_- Brilliant amaranth
Coat -_- Very light yellow
Nicknames AB, Half Pint, Gabby Gums, Squirt, Anon-a-Miss, Junebug
Relatives Applejack (older sister)
Big McIntosh (older brother)
Granny Smith (grandmother)
Braeburn (cousin)
Babs Seed (cousin)
Pinkie Pie ("sister" (Pinkie Apple Pie)
Apple family
Bow -_- Light raspberry
Cutie mark
(S1E1 - S5E18)
Apple Bloom Cutie Mark
(from (S5E18 - onward)
Apple heart
Voice Michelle Creber (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

 Apple Bloom is a canon character that is sisters with Applejack. She often gets teased by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon for being a blank flank and acts like a leader to the Cutie Mark Crusaders. She lacks getting a cutie mark, really trying hard to find her true talent. She is often erroneously named as Apple Blossom, sometimes depicted as her full name. Apple Bloom begs ponies to earn her cutie mark quickly, in a eagerly worried expression.

She was created by Lauren Faust.

Relationships Edit

Applejack Edit

Apple Bloom, alongside Applejack, are both sisters and often have a fun time together. Sometimes, Apple Bloom will start causing trouble begging Applejack to find her true talent and get her cutie mark. Despite that this cause happens, Apple Bloom may sometimes be calm at times, leaving Applejack a chance to treat Apple Bloom like a real country pony.

Pinkie Pie Edit

In Pinkie Apple Pie, Apple Bloom has Pinkie Pie as another "sister".

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