Appleweed Greenhooves
Kind Half Earth and Water Pony
Gender Female
Residence {{{residence}}}
Eyes Purple
Mane Blue (with a hint of Sky Blue)
Nicknames {{{nicknames}}}
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Coat Light Green
Cutie Mark None
Kristen Wiig


Appleweed appears to be cheeky, sly, crazy, sporty and a bit tired at times.


  • Appleweed is the tallest pony in Ponyville
  • Her name is Appleweed because of weeds in water and she's half Earth Pony 
  • Her surname is Greenhooves because she has a "green hoove" (green finger but different version)
  • Appleweed's favorite food is apples
  • She is sometimes caught sleeping 
  • Appleweed like's to be silly with other ponies and fool them
  • She get's annoyed easily
  • Appleweed has Butterfly and Dragonfly-like wings
  • She has no cutie mark

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