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File: Archer.png
Gender Female
Age 18
Cutie Mark Bow and arrow

 Archer is a thief who lives mostly in the woods.


She has a bright green coat, pale green eyes, a forest green mane and tail. She wears an almost black, green cloak with a hood, and always carries around a bow and arrow.


Abandoned by her family at birth, she was found in the woods by a fugitive and he raised her as his own. When she was 5, he taught her how to use a bow and arrow and she learned very quickly. They went hunting one day, and Archer took down a bear with one shot of one arrow. He was very proud of her and rewarded her with a new cloak. When she was all grown up, the authorities found the fugitive who raised her. She cried when they took him away. She now lives life as a thief and never gets caught. She is mostly known for her pale green eyes which give many children nightmares.

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