Armageddon is a strict and fierce Alicorn pony. He is a member of the Canterlot Council, but is currently missing. He is also the husband of Star Gazer.

Armandius Midnight
"You best hold your tongue, young miss. Or do you not know who you are confronting?"
Kind Alicorn
Gender Male
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Occupation Member of the Canterlot Council
Eyes Red
Mane Cream
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Coat Midnight Purple
Cutie Mark Scary Face


Armageddon is a tall but muscular Alicorn pony with a midnight purple coat and cream mane. His bright red eyes are the same shade as the red scary face that is his cutie mark.

He wears dark grey armor around his front legs, back hooves, and body as well as a large helmet over his head. He also has a few markings from battles, though it is unknown when the battles were.


Armageddon was born six years before Star Gazer, but his parents are unknown. He used to be more casual as a young colt, but over the years grew stern. Over his childhood years, he formed a bond with Star Gazer and the two fell in love. Shortly after they became adults, they wed and soon had four fillies. His attitude changed when his second daughter, Moon Drop, was born. He seemed surprised she was a Pegasus and not an Alicorn.

Shortly after Holly Wreath was born, he left his family for reasons not yet discovered. The three youngest daughters were too young to remember him, but Cattail, the oldest, did. She didn't appreciate how he handed out his discipline, but she didn't say a word.

Years later, he was a scrying teacher for a short time in Celestia's school. It was his magic skill and ability to predict some events that gained him a spot in the Council. One time, he had Twilight as a student, who wanted to attempt the scry without use of a pond or crystal ball. He told her to cease her arguments, because he was able to report to Celestia of her resistance. Shortly after Twilight graduated and became Celestia's full-time apprentice, he quit his job at the school and disappeared. It is unknown where he is to this day.


Star Gazer - Wife

Cattail - Daughter

Moon Drop - Daughter

Poison Ivy - Daughter

Holly Wreath - Daughter


  • "You best hold your tongue, young miss. Or do you not know who you are confronting?" - Telling Twilight that she should stick to the lesson