Arondight is a legendary sword said to be one of the most powerful weapons in existence. It is set to appear in the fanfiction Belonging.


Not much is known about Arondight's history, but legends tell it to have been the personal blade of Lancelot of Canterlot in the earlier days of Celestia's rule. Since Lancelot's death, it had been lost to time until it was retrieved by Ishi and is used as his main weapon along with Gilgamesh.


The legends surrounding Arondight have some truth in them, as the blade is extremely powerful and never loses its edge. It has magical properties as a holy sword, being able to cast out the darkest magic and cut through anything.


Arondight takes the form of a 2.5 foot double edged longsword with a shining silver blade and a gold crossguard with a blue handle and a gold pommel. Multiple gold and silver accents decorate the handle. The blade is extremely light and is meant to be wielded with one hand.

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