Artemis is a young Pegasus pony. She isn't very respectful of Deer or Zebra.

Artemis Lilac
Gender Female
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Eyes Blue
Mane Blue
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Coat Silver
Cutie Mark Arrows crossed over a moon


Artemis is a blue-silver Pegasus with a dark blue mane and deep blue eyes. She has dragon-like wings, as well as her brother, and likes them to be kept tidy. Her Cutie Mark is two arrows crossed over a moon.


Born in Cloudsdale, Artemis was always told to fly "As fast as an arrow in the air". She and her younger brother were the fastest in their year of flight camp.

Even though she was fast, she could trot equally as quick. She often took long walks in the Everfree forest, untill Copperhoof forbid ponies to take a step in it. Since then, she has despised all Deer.


Apollo - Brother