Axel BladeEdit

Axel blade or Axel to his friends is a Unicorn pony from the Night Valley, outside of Canterlot, he gets assigned to live in canterlot to find the ' destined one'.


Axel is a black unicorn with a white muzzle,he has midnight eyes and Dark blue and red mane and tail


Axel is sarcastic, smart, cold and determined, he is shown to be friendly when he wants to. Axel is a skilled fighter in magic and combat as he can easily break through a concrete wall just by kicking it, Axel is well-known for having a short temper and releasing his anger on nearby objects. Axel is sneaky and manipulative as he is shown to be able to charm anyone just by sprouting lies, Axel is shown to have a kinder side to him as he can be protective and caring to people he really care for, Astra seems to be one of them as Axel tried everything he can to save him.


Axel was born in canterlot but because of things that his tribe have done, princess Celestia and princess Luna banished them into the Dark valley, this caused Axel to turn bitter and have a deep hatred for every pony. When Axel turned 13 he wanted revenge on princess celestia and consulted the elder on how to defeat her. When he found out there was a 'destined one' a guardian pony who holds tremondous power would side with good or evil and use his/her power against them, Axel set off to find the said pony and bumped into Astra on his way to Ponyville, unknown to him Astra is the guardian pony, eventually when Axel found out that he was taken from his real parents from his home, he figured princess celestia didn't mean to banish him, when Astra was revealed to be the guardian Alicorn, Axe did everything in his power to save her from the upcoming battle.


Telekinesis- Axel can use telekinesis

Dark spells Because of his years in the dark valley, Axel can use dark-related spells

Lightnong spells- Axel can manipulate lightning to his will


Zorda- Zorda is the leader of the dark valley and a father figure to Axel, Axel admire and respect Zorda, pledging his loyalty to him. When Axel found out that Zorda kidnapped him when he was a foal, they relationship crashed and Axel feels like they can't trust each other anymore

Astra- When Astra and Axel met, he didn't think of Astra as more than an obstacle that keeps on foiling his plans, Axel despised Astra for helping Princess Celestia but had a change of heart after he saw that Astra is willing to put her life on the line to save Axel when he was trapped. Axel developed feelings for Astra and was shocked to find out that she was the destined guardian Alicorn, his determined to prevent her from joing the dark valley

Princess Celestia- Axel used to feel hatred and disgust for Princess Celestia but when he found out about his past he said his mistake and saw princess Celestia in a whole new light.

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