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Axis Lunaris is a quiet Alicorn pony and sister of Axis Solaris.

Axis "Lunaria" Lunaris
Axis lunaris
"I sense a disturbance in the force!...of magic. Hehe..."
Gender Female
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Eyes Bright Hazel
Mane Grey with dark blue-gray stripes
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Coat Dark blue
Cutie Mark Red moon


Axis Lunaris, sometimes called Lunaria or Luna Jr for short, was born during a blood moon, which is when the sun positions itself just right to make the moon turn bright red orange. Then, she was much paler, had sea blue hair, and pale yellow eyes, as well as not being able to walk very soon. She soon was shown to have a devolping disorder, causing her to grow about half as fast as a regular pony. She usually appears about a year or a half, when she's really a year and three fourths. Though she isn't as arrogant as her brother, Axis Solaris, she is often easily pulled into whatever he is doing.

She had to miss the first year of flight camp in Cloudsdale since she was afraid of heights, and feels disappointed in herself. But when she saw Rainbow Dash and Lightblade race, she tried a few times each day to get her hooves off the ground.

Her magic ability grew even slower, about enough to only ease the pain of a paper cut, so she sometimes went to see Twilight Sparkle when she wanted to get some inspiration. She often times played with Spike, though, and didn't remember half of what Twilight told her. When she has nothing to do, she usually help Fluttershy and Moon Drop take care of various animals that have goten injured and lost.

One night, it was yet another blood moon, about two years since her birth. She was so enchanted by the soft red glow, she didn't even notice her cutie mark had appeared. Since then, she's been able to fly quite well and use decent magic. Some other changes included her coat, which darkened, her eyes, which changed to a bright hazel, and her mane, which grew darker streaks. Her eyes also sometimes turn bright red when it's another blood moon.

Wings of Fire (Spoilers!)

In Wings of Fire, Lunaris was kidnapped by ice-controlling alien ponies from the moon. They had mistaken her for Luna, but decided to keep her anyway. Their plan was to use a moon pony's powers to enlarge the moon and crash it into the world. Halfway through this, Solaris charged in and saved Lunaris, but the power she was emitting was too much and her horn shattered, the crack already there giving in.

She can still use magic, but excessive quantities may rupture whatever storage there is, rendering her powerless. She has also become a lot more focused and can sense magic disturbances much better than most ponies.


Celestia - Mother

Axis Solaris - Brother

Luna - Aunt

Prince Eclipso - Uncle

Luna Drop - Cousin


Axis Lunaris has very few offensive abilities when it comes to magic because of her broken horn. Whatever power she has, she uses it sparingly. She mainly relies on her passive sensory abilities.

Magic Radar

Like most magic ponies, Lunaris can sense disruptions in energy and magic fields. Since her abilities are stronger, her range is almost twice that of a normal pony. She can also pinpoint the location of the disruption easily. This ability is passive, so she is almost always aware of such events.


Lunaris also posseses strong healing abilities. Though her process is slow, if enough time is given, her subject will be as right as rain.

Blood Chill

Lunaris possesses a small amount of ice-related abilites. Her signature ability is Blood Chill. She uses this to lower the body temperature of ponies. If she lowers the temperature too much, she adds the risk of giving them hypothermia.


Appearances in shows

My Little Pony: Generations

Mother Celestia - Introduced

Father Dearest

Like Aunt, Like Niece


  • Like her brother, she is allergic to tomatoes
  • She mainly sees Luna as more of a motherly figure than Celestia, since Celestia is often tied up with castle business.
  • She greatly dislikes Prince Eclipso, and would call him a sour old bat if she was bold enough.
  • She tries her best to encourage Spike to show his feelings to Rarity, but doesn't pester him too much about it.