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Axis Solaris is a rash and protective Alicorn. He is brother of Axis Lunaris.

Axis "Solario" Solaris
Axis solaris
"Omigoshomigosh! LIGHTBLAAAADE!"
Gender Male
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Eyes Bright hazel
Mane Yellow with orange stripes
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Coat Pale yellow
Cutie Mark Blue sun



As a colt, Solaris is standard size. He has a pale yellow coat with a short orange and yellow mane. His eyes are bright hazel and his cutie mark is a blue sun.


When Solaris is a young adult, he is much taller. His mane adopts red and white streaks along with the yellow and orange, and it reaches the base of his neck, sometimes curling around if it gets long enough. Every now and then he can be seen with traces of a goatee, but he shaves it when it gets noticeable. His eyes start to turn an amber color.

Taking the throne

When Solaris finally inherits the throne from his mother, he looks much more like an adult. His mane grows longer and turns dark red with white streaks. He lets his goatee grow out into a full beard and his mane long enough to reach his shoulders. His eyes are a bright red instead of their old hazel color.


Axis Solaris was born during a Solar Eclipse, about a year before his younger sister, Axis Lunaris. He's a bit rash and arrogant, stating he's better than any other pony. He sometimes challenges ponies to races, and came close to challenging Rainbow Dash once, but soon learning she had to race Lightblade.

He's a bit protective of his younger sister and will stop at nothing to keep her safe, but he doesn't realize he often breathes over her neck sometimes. 

He wishes to become a knight like Lightblade, and often looks up to him in a role model way. He often acts a bit overreactive when some knights are around, but when his sister is nearby, he can be very calm and serious. Though when he is overwhelmed by the sight of many knights, not even his sister is able to control him.

Wings of Fire

In Wings of Fire, Solaris is finally put up for knight training. After the first lesson, sparrs with the White Knights, he returns home to see a party in honor of his first day. Shortly into it, he goes looking for his sister and heads to the observatory. There is a commotion shortly before he arrives, a Luna explains Lunaris was foalnapped.

He was given a quest by Zecora shortly before, and heads off to start it, a feeling it will help him save his sister. With Twilight and Spike, he finds the first item, and he finds the next with Discord, Rainbow Dash, and Gilda. He then follows the faint signal of his sister's magic that had appeared, and finds her captors preparing to crash the moon into the world.

He charges and takes out several, but is soon outnumbered. The White Knights arrive and help hold the evil ones back. Solaris attacks the leader and defeats them, then saves his sister, even after her horn shattered.

He didn't ntoice, but he had engulfed himself in blue flames, the brightest on his wings, when he attacked the leader. When he saves Lunaris, he unknowingly gets his cutie mark.

When they head home, Solaris asks Celestia to postpone his knighting ceremony until Lunaris is better. She obliges, and everyone waits for Lunaris to become stable. After two days, she finally wakes up and can go about without medical attention.

The following evening, Celestia announces Solaris is a junior knight. Solaris is so happy that everything turned out fine, he faints on the spot, ending WoF.

After Achieving Knighthood

When Solaris finally becomes a knight for his mother, he becomes less boasting. He still is very protective of his little sister, especially since he sees her a bit less than he used to. Solaris also is more appreciative to the White Knights, even if he's a knight as well.

Despite his age, his mother allows him to partake in a few dangerous missions, as long as another knight or Luna give approval.


Blazing Eternity

The Blazing Eternity is a sword that has been passed down to the Sun-bearing child in Solaris' family for generations, and is said to have been made by the first princess of Equestria herself. He uses it when he needs quick strikes, and it resists the melting side-effect of the standard fire enchanting he usually adds to his weapons.

Phoenix's Gavel

Phoenix's Gavel is a large warhammer used by Solaris in combat, though only when speed isn't required. The weight makes his attacks slow but powerful, even when magically charged.

Solar Ray

Solar Ray is Solaris' shield, a bright yellow circle of refined metals. It has high reflective properites, and is mainly used to deflect attacks and light.


Spark Mane

Solaris has the ability to turn his mane and tail into actual flames. If the flames are allowed to grow large enough, they can coat his whole body.


When he is fully ignited, Solaris can roll into a ball and charge into enemies, sometimes using his magic or wings to steer. Once he goes, it's hard for him to stop.

Basic Fire Casting

Like most fire elemental ponies, Solaris can shoot fire bursts and rays of flame. Doing this for an extended time period can wear him out, though.

Molten Blades

Sometimes he can enchant weapons to high temperatures and strike enemies with them. If he does this for too long at a very high temperature, the blade will start to melt.


Blankfire is a controlled set of abilities, usuing different levels of fire to perform different tasks. There are three stages: Refire, Whitefire, and Bluefire.


Redfire is the weakest of Solaris' Blankfire ability. He uses this to distract other ponies with a flash of light. If a pony is hit physically with Redfire, they will be disoriented for about twenty minutes. Redfire also confuses ponies for a few seconds if it simply hits the floor or walls. Redfire also has an optional feature of being used as a firework, as it does not collide with anything in the air, it will dissipate in a shower of sparks.


Whitefire is the standard Blankfire ability. He can use this to create illusions, but they will all be white. They are more effective if he portrays them as ghosts. If a pony is hit directly with Whitefire, they will hallucinate for about half an hour. Like Redfire, it can also be used as a firework.


Bluefire is the most powerful Blankfire ability. Unlike Redfire or Whitefire, nothing happens when a pony is hit directly. Bluefire can create long-lasting illusions, but like Whitefire, they are only one color. Like its weaker variants, it can be used as a firework.

Wings of Fire

Wings of Fire is an ability Solaris discovered in the fanfiction with the same name. When he wears a necklace containing a blue phoenix feather and a dragon-claimed gem, he can extend his wings and engulf them in a very hot flame. This can be used both defensively and offensively. The fire is too hot to touch, so no damage will be taken to his wings, and the heat allows him to rise in the air faster. He can also clip or ram enemies with his wings, burning them or setting them on fire. The two items give him enough fire magic to sustain this for long periods of time, but the power will run out when the magic is depleted.

Heat Wave

Solaris has the ability to create an arid climate in a wide location or room. This can be used to wear other ponies out since he is resistant to higher temperatures.

Basic Fire Resistance

Solaris, as a fire magic pony, can withstand higher temperatures, walk through flames, and even resist burns. Strong magical flames will still injure him.


Solaris's ultimate ability that has yet to be unlocked. He can create a miniature sun and use it to scorch enemies and objects. It has a very high heat radius and can light fabric up to five feet away on fire. Cannot be used during the night or a solar eclipse.


Celestia - Mother

Luna - Aunt

Axis Lunaris - Sister

Lightblade - Role Model

Luna Drop - Cousin

Blueblood - Cousin


  • He will try his best at anything to earn approval from the royal guards, even if it means causing trouble just so he can stop it himself.
  • He rarely uses his fire abilities in public. He'll mainly use them when there's a lot of snow.
  • He's allergic to things that contain any form of tomatoes.