Kind Pegasi
Gender Female
Residence {{{residence}}}
Occupation Serial Killer
Eyes Pitch Black with a white pupil
Mane Pitch Black
Nicknames {{{nicknames}}}
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Coat Chalk White
Cutie Mark Mirror
Singing voice User:Cursor-the-selfish

BLANKQUEEN is (litterally) the dark mirror of Midnight Star .


BLAKQUEEN has a chalk white coat, and a ebony black mane and tail. Her eyes are as black as midnight. She has razor sharp teeth, and she has a Glasgow Smile.


BLANKQUEEN is rather calm and collected, yet very devious and cunning. She loves to psychologically tourture her victems, before killing them and devouring their cutie-mark. She is very childish, and loves to call people by "cute" nicknames. She is also shown to be very insane, as she considers herself to be an artist, and all her murders to be nothing less than art.


Origionaly the bank robber codenamed "Scars", she fell into a vat of chemicals while escapeing from Mare-Do-Well. The chemicals lab exploded, but somehow BLANK managed to survive. She then went on a massive killing spree, stealing and eating her victim's cutie-marks, in order to gain their powers.


Her cutie mark is a Mirror, with no reflection in it, and an ornate black frame.  Her cutie-mark allows her to copy other ponies cutiemarks by eating them, thus giving BLANK their abilities. BLANK wants luna's and celestia's cutie marks so she can throw off the regular balance of the moon and sun, causing world-wide chaos ad anarchy. When she is using an ability, the cutie mark appears as the reflection in the mirror.



  • She is a combination of the Jack Nicholson Joker and Pinkmena from "Cupcakes".
  • The Glasgow is a trademark of Heath Ledger's Joker, and the Creepypasta Jeff The Killer (thats assuming that they are two different people XD)
  • She is absed on BLANKQUEEN , from the World of Fear RP wiki, and the Mother Of Snakes from The Fear Mythos.