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Backlash is a pegasus from Canterlot. He is a member of the Canterlot Royal Guard.
Kind Pegasus
Gender Male
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Occupation Canterlot Royal Guard

Eighth Knight of the White Knights - Second Generation

Eyes Green
Mane Red
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Coat Sky Blue
Cutie Mark Chain Circle

Early Life

Backlash prefers to keep his past a secret. The most he let on was that his parents died when he was young, for reasons he wouldn't explain, and he lived with his grandparents. After his grandparents passed away, he moved into his own home in Cloudsdale. He trained to become a royal guard in Canterlot, and was eventually admitted into the force.

Present Day

Backlash is a middle ranking member of the Canterlot Royal Guard. He currently lived in Cloudsdale, near Justice and Freedom. He normally goes on missions with Justice, as they work well together.


Backlash is competitive, boastful, and stubborn, much like Rainbow Dash. However, when he is on important missions for Princess Celestia, he takes his job seriously and always does his best to complete the mission. He is best friends with Justice and his sister Freedom, and they normally hang out together in Cloudsdale when he and Justice are off duty. He will go out of his way to help his friends in any way he can. His battle partner is Justice, and they mostly take on missions together, and they make a deadly team.


Backlash has faster speed and agility than normal ponies due to his extreme training for the Canterlot Royal Guard. He is a fierce fighter and will keep fighting long after he should be on the ground. He specializes with his twin chain blades, specially designed by Hephaestus, and enchanted by Twilight Sparkle. These two blades can be used as close combat blades, and at range, Backlash can extend the chains to swipe at enemies form afar. He is extremely deadly with these blades, and has taken down many powerful enemies with them. Backlash can also use their magical properties to his advantage, adding elemental effects depending on his emotions, or the environment around him.