The Biome Ponies are six ponies, all in charge of managing their spefific biome, but are only known to the public as normal ponies who like their respective biomes. Every biome pony is an earth pony, except North Pole and South Pole, whom are pegasi. In the general public, they each have "fake names" to protect their identity.

The PoniesEdit

Desert makes erections appear every second

Forest has a bush

Ocean wet AF

Plains has a magic power to make her boobs explode on demand

North Pole likes icicles.... for pleasure

South Pole same

Fake NamesEdit

Steamy Sands


Sparkling Saltwater


Windy Chill

Snowy Chill


Every Biome pony has one special attribute, listed here.

Desert - Ability to withstand extreme heat, necessary to live in her biome. Also seems to never get dehydrated.

Forest - Can bring dead plants back to life with normal gardening techniques.

Ocean - Can hold breath for almost a day's time.

Plains - Can run extremely fast.

Pole Twins - Seem to have a hypothermia immunity.



Almost always grumpy, Desert will often do anything to be alone, that's why deserts are always barren and hot. She has a cruel sense of humor and will laugh at anything from a prank to a scar. Although the rough exterior, she is (a little) nicer to the biome ponies, considering they're all pretty much all the family she has.


Under Construction

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