Black Adder is a rude and snippish pegasus pony. She represents the Discorded element of Fear.

Black Adder
Gender Female
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Eyes Red
Mane Black with pinkish-plum streaks
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Coat Pale silver
Cutie Mark Black snake with yellow eyes


Black Adder is a pale silver Pegasus pony with dragon-like wings and red eyes. She had black hair with pinkish-plum streaks, held back by a blue hair band. Her cutie mark is a black snake with yellow eyes.

She has long white fangs, and they're known to have potent venom.


Aside from the hair band, she has been known to wear A black scarf in the windy seasons.

She also had a black obsidian Element necklace, like all the other Elements.

Black Addder's Element Necklace


Black Adder was born in Canterlot, daughter of Quetzalcoatl and Black Bat. Like her parents, she was mainly nocturnal and liked to terrorize the people living nearby. Soon, Quetzalcoatl passed away of unknown causes, and Black Adder was told by her mother to move to her sister's house. There, Black Adder met her four cousins: Holly Wreath, Moon Drop, Cattail, and Poison Ivy. She was fine with her aunt Star Gazer, as well as Holly, Cattail, and Ivy, but she distinctly hated Moon Drop for some reason.

Several weeks later, she went to Bunsen Burner's class, spending recess time to torment Sour Ball. It was until Sour Ball hit her head that she would do this. Afterwards, she grew distant with her aunt's family, and went back to Canterlot to find her mother, only to discover she had left. Filled with anger, she went to Celestia's royal garden to work off some steam. Sugarcake attempted to stop her, causing an argument and releasing Discord. Soon after that, she found she was the element of Fear; able to conjure up pony's worst nightmares.


Quetzalcoatl - Father

Black Bat - Mother Moon Drop - Cousin

Star Gazer - Aunt

Cattail - Cousin

Poison Ivy - Cousin

Holly Wreath - Cousin


Captain Jack Harkness - Her archenemy and they fight each other.

Twilight Sparkle - Her another archenemy that wants to stop Black Adder ruling the Universe.


  • "NERD!" - Calling Sugarcake a nerd in a roleplay between 1LL and Trudge.
  • "WHAT IN THE H TO THE E TO THE DOUBLE HOCKEY STICK?!" - In the roleplay when the statue started shaking


  • She is part basilisk, but she didn't inherit the deadly gaze
  • She has a pet Coral Snake named Venom