Black Bloom
Kind Alicorn
Gender Female
Residence {{{residence}}}
Occupation Secretly trying to make friends with everypony else
Eyes Gray
Mane Purple
Nicknames {{{nicknames}}}
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Coat Black
Cutie Mark A Red Bouncy Ball
Selena Gomez
Black Bloom is a crazy alicorn who rather be left alone. She is related to Princess Celestia. Her childhood was around and around and to a upside-down backstory. She thinks Princess Celestia is her ONLY friend so far (although she wished to have more).

Black Bloom use to live in Canterlot. When she moved to Ponyville that her behavior all changed for its entirety, she was upset, mean and aggressive. Its unknown to people why she started acting like that in Ponyville...therefore her past is unknown in some ways.

100% confirmed Black Bloom is NOT a villain, actually Black Bloom is a nice pony. It's just her behavior that had a mind of its own.


When Black Bloom first appeared was when she moved to Ponyville. She was all aggressive and was mean to all of the other ponies in Ponyville. First, she used her magic and smashed Derpy Hooves into a wall and Derpy became flat as a pancake. Second, she flapped her wings in Rainbow Dash's face and Rainbow Dash cannot handle the wind but fought her back until she won. Third, she told Fluttershy that she was a crybaby and Fluttershy cries, running away to the Everfree Forest to have some privacy.

Her second appearance is when Princess Celestia went to check up on her. She found Black Bloom in the dark caverns all angry and upset so Princess Celestia cheered her up because she wants to make friends.

Her third appearance is when she overheard Twilight Sparkle talking about the new pony movie called "The Two Pony Sisters" and the Princess was going to be there, and Twilight had 2 golden tickets to the movie! Black Bloom told Twilight she wanted to go because it would be a great chance to make new friends. Twilight's other friends didn't want to go so Black Bloom got the Ticket and went with twilight.

Her last appearance is when she finally got her reasoning straight and made a friend for her entire life with Twilight Sparkle.


"I hope I'm not INTERRUPTING anything!!" - She said when Fluttershy was teaching the birds to sing

"Big flying bugger!!!" - She said after dealing with Rainbow Dash


  • Black Bloom is related to Princess Celestia.
  • Black Bloom is sometimes called Blackie.

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