The Blazing Eternity is a sword passed down through Celestia's family for generations. It is always given to the child with the power of the sun. Two other weapons, the Phoenix's Gavel and the Solar Ray were created so Axis Solaris could receive training in defense and range as well. The current owner is Solaris.


The Eternity is a golden yellow blade, glowing as if its was made from the sun itself. The hilt is red and the handle is golden with red lines going around it. When powered with fire energy, the blade glows a stark white.

The sword about three feet in length, with the blade taking up two of those three feet.


Nobody knows who created the Blazing Eternity, but it is rumored that the first ruler of Equestria, who had the power of the sun, created it to protect her kingdom. Since then, it had been passed down from ruler to ruler, but only if they bear the power to raise and lower the sun. If they don't, it is kept in a secret vault in the castle.

Related WeaponsEdit

This weapon has one relative

Enchanting Eternity - Counterpart and rapier belonging to Axis Lunaris.

This weapon has two partners

Phoenix's Gavel - Gavel

Solar Ray - Shield


Like the Phoenix Gavel and the Solar Ray, the Eternity can absorb and use fire energy. Too much, however, can overload the sword's reserves and force it to recharge. Recharging takes three hours.

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