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Blizzard is a pegasus from Fillydelphia.
Kind Pegasus
Gender Male
Residence {{{residence}}}
Occupation Fifth Knight of the White Knights - 1st Generation
Eyes Light Blue
Mane Light Blue
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Coat White
Cutie Mark Ice Shards

Early LifeEdit

Blizzard was born in Fillyselphia, but soon after his birth his parents moved to Ponyville. Blizzard usually spent his time inside. He was secluded and had no friends. He didn't mind but his parents worried about him. When they sent him off to flight school, Blizzard passed the exams simply to get out. His parents regularly took him to counseling, but he would never talk, and he spent his days locked in his room, either reading or sleeping, and if he ever did go outside, he would fly off to a secluded location, leaving his whereabouts unknown for a while until he returned home.

The White KnightsEdit

Blizzard applied for the White Knights for undisclosed reasons. He passed all of Lightblade's exams and was given his power bands. These gifted him with ice elemented magic. Blizzard acted as the White Knight's leading strategist. He carefully plans out every mission and calculates every detail to make a near foolproof gameplan. Blizzard has a 98% success rate, the other 2% were due to conditions impossible to predict.


Blizzard is calm and collective. He is incredibly intelligent, and he uses that to full extent as strategist of the White Knights. Although he may come off as uncaring, he does respect others and wants to keep everyone safe, and has shown he will fight furously to protect the rest of his team. In combat, Blizzard takes time to analyze an enemy's pattern and search for weaknesses, which he uses to easily cut down any enemy.


Blizzard's power bands give him ice elemented magic abilities, allowing him to form multiple forms with ice. Blizzard can fight most effectively in areas with a plentiful supply of water to fuel his abilities. In areas without water, he can draw from the moisure in the air or the groundwater to use his abilities. Blizzard can make weapons, shields, and barriers among other things with ice. He uses his powers effectively in combat, to either restrain an enemy of take a foe down. His ice is incredible resistant to fire when Blizzard focuses on making it so.

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