Blood Moon is a finicky and cruel alicorn pony. She is the negative counterpart of Axis Lunaris.

Blood Moon
Blood moon
"But brother... I want to destroy something..."
Kind Alicorn
Gender Female
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Occupation Princess of Negative Equestria
Eyes Silver
Mane Black with silver-blue streaks
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Coat Dark blue-black
Cutie Mark Orange moon


In Equestria, Blood looks almost exactly like Lunaris, despite being older. The only difference is she wears a golden pearl necklace that was given to her by her mother. In Negative Equestria, she is much taller, older, with an almost pure black coat. She has a long black mane with pale blue-silver streaks and wears a blood red bow. Her eyes are silver with slits and her cutie mark is an orange moon. She has fangs that are visible when she closes her mouth.


Unlike Lunaris, Blood often acts in moments of passion. Though she has been shown to plan certain acts, she cannot control her temper. Her mental state can be described as unstable, since she has a small collection of paper ponies that represent people she hates. Sometimes she can be found humming a tune while mutilating the paper ponies, and then several days later the ponies they represent will be found dead in the same way the doll was mutilated.