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Blossom's Bizarre Adventure Part I: War N' Peace

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War N' Peace is the first part of Blossom's Bizarre Adventure, a comic series by Lollama13.

Story Summary Edit

Loving Blossom is a 17 year old mare who works as a detective in the growing city of Manehattan, but after an unusual fight at school, she meets Savannah, an actual cop who has been chasing down Evening Dusk, a serial killer, for years. They become friends and now they must use their powers, known as Stands to face other Stand users, find Evening Dusk and bring him to justice.

Characters Edit

Character Stand Role Status
Loving Blossom Guns N' Roses Main Protagonist Alive
Caramel Charm Chemical Romance Ally Alive
Savannah W.A.S.P. Ally Alive
Sparkling Blossom N/A Ally Alive
Ebony Prose Ain't it Fun Neutral

(previously Villain)

Summer Winwood Blind Faith Neutral Alive
Rex Blind Faith Villain Alive
Zucchero All Along the Watchtower Villain Alive
Silver Vengeance Sevenfold Villain Alive
Tangerine Dream Pixies Neutral/Villain Alive
TBA4 Red Baron Villain Alive
Starry Ivory Imagine Dragons Villain Alive
Misty Ivory Nightwish Neutral Alive
Lined Ivory Smile Mona Lisa Neutral/Ally Deceased
TBA8 Atom Craft Villain Alive
Dark Autumn Broken Hearts Heal Villain Alive
Ruby Dust Psycho Killer Villain Alive
Velvet Fleetwood N/A Villain Alive
Ebony Gale Copperhead Road Villain Alive
Stardusk Werewolf of London Villain Alive
Evening Dusk Killer Queen Main Antagonist


Major Battles Edit

Loving Blossom & Caramel Charm vs. Ebony Prose
Loving Blossom & Savannah vs. Blind Faith
Loving Blossom & Savannah vs. Zucchero
Tangerine Dream vs. Silver Vengeance
Loving Blossom & Savannah vs. Tangerine Dream
Caramel Charm vs. TBA4
Loving Blossom & Caramel Charm vs. Starry Ivory & Misty Ivory
Savannah vs. TBA8
Caramel Charm vs. Evening Dusk
Loving Blossom & Misty Ivory vs. Dark Autumn
Savannah vs. Ruby Dust & Psycho Killer
Loving Blossom vs. Velvet Fleetwood
Loving Blossom & Savannah vs. Ebony Gale
Savannah vs. Sheer Heart Attack
Loving Blossom vs. Stardusk
Starry Ivory & Misty Ivory vs. Stardusk (with Killer Queen Bites the Dust)
Savannah vs. Evening Dusk
Loving Blossom vs. Evening Dusk

Plot Edit


Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This part is based on Diamond is Unbreakable, The fourth part of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, down to the antagonist's Stand
  • This page is being updated as time goes on.
  • This part takes place a handful of years before the main story of the show.

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