Blue Angels
Type: Gang
Leader(s): Blackfeet (founder), Midnight Shatter (current leader)
Gang Color: Blue and Violet
Headquarters: Stallionport, Regnuia
Businesses: Peacemaking, protection, arms industry, media, merchandising, wizardry. racing, music production, entertainment,
Fronts: Saint Empire Building (Stallionport), Bucking Bronco restaurant (Sao Losino), The Warmbloods Productions (Maresielle), Raynoa Manor (Stallionport), Central Hardcore Media studios (Royal Citadel)

Blue Angels is a major street gang in Stallionport. They are well known for their rivalry with the Red Diablos.


Red Diablos took over StallionportEdit

The Red Diablos came to Regnuia from Equestria after they were defeated by the Elements of Harmony, to start a new career of crime spree. They made the eastern part of Stallionport as their turf. They torment other ponies, verbally bully them, and push them around. They robbed banks, enslave ponies, and if they refuse, they get killed.


Blackfeet is a unicorn pony living in Stallionport. He was really annoyed of the Red Diablos. He confronted them and stand up to them. After the murder of Clubhoof, his brother. He was angered and he brutally beat down an elite Red Diablos member while a huge crowd watches, he convinced them to fight back, and the Red Diablos' crime will never go unanswered. They all agree, and they form a huge mob against the Red Diablos.

Stallionport RiotsEdit

A crowd of ponies confront the Red Diablos. The Red Diablos respond by shooting a mare. This completely enrages the mob and they attacked the Red Diablos. The ponies were throwing rocks and using magic to the gangsters, while the Red Diablos fire guns and use magic at the mob. This kills 30 ponies. The next day, the mob took weapons, wear blue and violet colors, and calling themselves Throne Angels, to oppose the Red Diablos. The Angels raided the Red Diablos' illegal arms dealing factory. This goes on for 3 more days until in the fourth day, the Throne Angels and the Red Diablos were in a full scale war against each other, many properties in eastern Stallionport were destroyed, and 100 or more ponies were killed and murdered. The fifth day was the final, Royal Guards were alerted and they all give up, the Red Diablos fled into the alleys, and the Throne Angels were framed, and a few were arrested, much to the Red Diablos' delight.

Gang Wars in StallionportEdit

In the present day, the Throne Angels, now known as the Blue Angels, and the Red Diablos are still fighting each other. The Throne Angels tried to change their reputation, since they were framed for causing the riot. They help other ponies and continued their crime fighting spree against their sworn hatred enemies, the Red Diablos.


They are well known for wearing blue or violet clothing, and their nice social response to other ponies in Regnuia. A group of peacemakers, they play a positive role in the streets, protecting other ponies from their sworn enemies, the Red Diablos. Their main intention is to defeat the Red Diablos for territories to bring peace in the land. They do various activities to please the residence of Regnuia, such as setting up entertainment shows, making various products, and other businesses. They are well trained, well armed, and well skilled to protect Regnuia from evil.


  • The Six Stallions
  • Oriental Gangster Angels
  • Santana Crew Angels
  • Basehead Boys
  • Central Stallionport Families
  • High Rollerz Angels
  • Kicc Bacc Clan
  • Kyle T. Madmane Angels
  • Sacred Social Clan



The founder of the Blue Angels. He is a silver unicorn pony with black mane and tail. He showed deep hatred towards the Red Diablos. He was killed by Young Red, the Red Diablos leader.

Midnight ShatterEdit

The current leader of the Blue Angels. He vows to avenge Blackfeet and the gang, and put an end to the Red Diablos's scheme once and for all.


  • Their color is slightly based on the Crips.

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