Blue Jasmine
Screenshot 2017-04-28 at 5.13.08 PM
Species/kind Unicorn
Gender Female
More info
Occupation Cutie Mark Crusdaer
Eyes Purple
Mane Deep indigo with light indigo highlights
Coat Indigo
Relatives Evening Starlight (Mother)
Triple Dare (Father)
Cutie mark
A moon

Blue Jasmine is the daughter of Evening Starlight and Triple Dare. She is an only child.


She has an indigo coat, purple eyes, deep indigo with lighter streaks, and freckles. Her cutie mark is a moon. 


She is friendly, artsy, sensitive, ambitious, loves reading, athletic, premature, and well-behaved.


Evening Starlight - Mother

Triple Dare - Father

Apple Bloom - Sister

Sweetie Belle - Aunty

Scootaloo - Friend

(( Coco )) - Baby

((Apple pie)) - daughter

((Rainbow Dash)) - Sister


"Mom, can I make some blueberry cheesecake with you?"

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