A pegasus filly. She has two wings to fly. She can always help ponies, unicorns, fillies, mares, colts, and other ponies

Blueberry Face
Kind pegasus filly
Gender female
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Eyes pink and red
Mane dark blue
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Coat blue
Cutie Mark blueberries and a smilie face


Blueberry Face likes to fly.


  • Come on guys, You can do it!
  • I...will...get...ugly breath!
  • I am swimming in the mud.
  • Gross!
  • Let's go swimming, ponies!
  • Twilight Sparkle! (sobs)
  • (screaming)
  • I lost my pink diamond!
  • I searched her high!
  • I searched her low!
  • High!
  • Low!
  • Never!
  • Please? Please? Please?
  • Pinkie Pie? What are you doing?
  • Don't worry, ponies! I'm Blueberry Face to save you! (Blueberry Face zooms in to the three ponies)
  • I shall to some magic!
  • Please!!!!!!! Over here, Rainbow Dash! (sobs)
  • I think!
  • Yep!
  • Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala!
  • I like chicken soup with carrots and salt just a pinch!
  • Woohoo, baby!
  • It's Nightmare Moon! (shrieks and runs away)
  • Oh dear.....this thing...but Rarity can't think about it!