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Blueberry Swirl Flavor
Blueberry Swirl
Kind Earth pony
Gender Male
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Occupation Royal Guard (future job)
Eyes Blue
Mane Light/dark blue
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Coat Blue
Cutie Mark A spiral and two blueberries

Blueberry Swirl is a strong Earth pony and member of the Flavor family.


Blueberry Swirl is a blue Earth pony with a similarly-colored blue mane. The mane also has lighter streaks of blue. His eye color is similar to the lighter streak and his hooves.

Blueberry's cutie mark is an indigo spiral with two bluberries intertwined inside of it. (even though he has a cutie mark it doesn't seem to appear at his official pic)


Blueberry is very strong, both physcially and mentally. Nothing anyone says can hurt him unless it's about him not being capable of being a guard. Even though Blueberry is strong, he can be very gentle as seen when he's charged with watching his foal cousin Mint Chip.


Blueberry was born first, two minutes before his twin Raspberry Swirl. When he was a foal, his parents were studying in Canterlot and he often admired the royal guards that were stationed all over Canterlot. It was then that he decided to be a guard.

However there were a few things standing in his way: he was a blue earth pony with no special powers. The royal guard consisted of dark grey unicorn ponies and white pegasus ponies. There was no way for him to become a royal guard until he met Golden, a pegasus pony and one of Princess Summer's special guards employed by Princess Celestia herself.


Berry Bright: mother

Black Raspberry: father

Raspberry Swirl: sister

Lemon Meringue: sister (lol the name Lemon Meringue is strawberry shortcake reference)

Banana Cream: sister

Cherries Jubilee: sister

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"You've got to be kidding me."

"I can handle it."