Brutality is a merciless pegasus pony. He is an escaped Alliance member and still retains scars from when he removed his armor.

Think Fast "Brutality"
Kind Pegasus
Gender Male
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Occupation Former Alliance Member (Escaped)
Eyes Blue
Mane Red
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Coat Black
Cutie Mark Padlock


Brutality (Also called Brutus, but this is more of a taunt from rivals) is a pitch black pegasus with a short red mane and tail. He has deep blue eyes and his cutie mark is a silver padlock. Around his legs and torso are several long scars. Though he does not like to say what they are from, his sister will explain that they are from when he ripped his armor off with his own hooves.


Brutality does not believe in second chances. If anypony begs for mercy, he will ignore them. This is because when he was in the Alliance, he was programmed with great strength and to be an unstoppable killing machine. The only pony that can make him see reason is his sister Mercy, but she has to try very hard as his energy resists her magic.

He does have a softer side, but this is rarely seen. He is very gentle and careful around smaller creatures and young ponies. Before fighting anyone, he will check the area to make sure there are no innocents that could be harmed.


Brutality used to be a normal pegasus by the name of Think Fast. He was a fast flier, but also very strong and would not hesitate to knock a fellow pony out of the sky when racing. His sister sometimes had to be a mediator, but otherwise left him alone.

When he moved to Canterlot, he immediately was kidnapped by the Alliance, along with his sister. They put his armor on and programmed it to make him more hostile. They put the armor on his sister too, but it was removable for her as she was seen as powerful enough.

When the Skyrockets defeated the Alliance, Brutality fled. He lived in the Everfree Forest, but since there were only animals he didn't see anything of importance to fight. Eventually the lack of reason to be aggressive helped him overcome the armor's programming. He managed to tear it off, but it was slightly merged with the skin, so it left several open wounds. He ignored these and set off to find his sister. He did not stop until he found her then immediately fainted from not let his wounds heal properly.


Mercy - Sister

Unnamed father

Unnamed mother