Bunsen Burner is an elderly Unicorn pony. His magic being depleted to a large extent, he now teaches young adult ponies.

Bunsen Burner
Gender Male
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Occupation Young adult pony teacher
Eyes Purple
Mane Ivory
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Coat Tan
Cutie Mark Steaming Test Tube



Bunsen when he was younger

Bunsen in a tan unicorn pony. He has and ivory mane and tail, plus purple eyes. He also wears a green vest.

When he was younger he had a dark brown maine instead of ivory.


Bunsen was born in Ponyville, his father being Stinkin' Rich. For a while, he helped with the family tradition of helping Granny Smith sell Zap Apple Jam, but soon wondered what made the jam so special. He quickly gained a bushel of the special fruit and began to take in data.

After a few years, he managed to discover that Zap Apples were brought to Equestria by the Pegasi ancestors, but were kept secret. They were given to an Earth Pony family and they were responsible for growing them. When the blizzard came again, all the trees except the ones in the Everfree Forest died out. Years later, Granny Smith came and rediscovered them.

Wanting to make sure young ponies knew this, he took the other room in the school house, next to Cheerilee. He quickly had a nac for teaching scientific reactions, and gained his cutie mark.

He is still teaching to this day, marrying for a short period and having his son, Filthy Rich. His wife quickly divorced him and left with Filthy, but Filthy was sure to show Bunsen his Grandaughter.


Stinkin' Rich - Father

Filthy Rich - Son

Diamond Tiara - Grandaughter


  • "Don't be ashamed if you're in this class and don't have a cutie mark yet. I didn't earn mine untill I was old enough to teach!" - Introducing students without Cutie Marks