Cannon Ball is a Pegasus pony that enjoys to do pirate re-enactments. He is the husband of Hula Hoop and the father of Sea Breeze, Seashell, Angelfish, and Hibiscus.

Cannon Ball
Gender Male
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Eyes Yellow
Mane Dark Maroon
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Coat Blue-grey
Cutie Mark Cannon


Cannon Ball has a dark blue-grey coat as well as a short cut dark maroon mane. He has yellow eyes, and his cutie mark is a lit cannon.

He is often wearing a tattered vest, as well as a bandanna, eyepatch, and clip-on earring.



Hula Hoop - Wife

Seashell - Daughter

Sea Breeze - Daughter

Angelfish - Daughter

Hibiscus - Daughter


"Don't worry, none of this is almost likely CANNON!"


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