The Canterlot Warfare Division is a part of the military that focuses solely on military deployment. While the Canterlot Royal Guard is in charge of protecting Canterlot and the royal family, and may be called to war, the warfare division trains only on war, making them the main force when Equestria goes to war.

Firearms used by the Division are actually small machines that fire compressed magical energy at high velocity, something unicorns can do naturally.


The Canterlot Warfare Division is divided into multiple classes of soldier.


The main fighting force of Equestria, focusing on a balance of ranged and close combat. They specialize in a wide variety of combat scenarios.

Lead By -


Soldiers specializing in hitting the enemy hard. They are trained in the use of high powered magic and/or weaponry, as well as artillery.

Lead By - Ballistic Havoc


The snipers are elite soldiers specializing in extreme long range combat. With either magic or weaponry, these units can hit targets over a mile away with pinpoint accuracy, easily able to decimate hundreds of enemy troops without them knowing where they are.

Lead By - Zero Shot


Combat medics that specialize in providing medical assistance to soldiers on the front lines, as well as providing support for the battle. They are invaluable in their healing prowess, and help to keep the soldier numbers up.

Lead By - Triage


This class specializes in building and repairing any kind of machinery on the battlefield, as well as providing support in battles. They also provide extra munitions for frontline soldiers mid battle.

Lead By -

Air ForceEdit

These are pegasi specializing in air combat, engaging air and ground targets, and easily dominating the skies. They can also fight on ground with a good balance of ranged and close combat.

Lead By -


The leaders of each class are listed above. Including them, these are the main commanders of the entire Canterlot Warfare Division. They are listed in orer by the Greek Alphabet.

Α Alpha

Β Beta - Over Watch

Γ Gamma

Δ Delta

Ε Epsilon - Zero Shot

Ζ Zeta

H Eta

Θ Theta

I Iota - Triage

K Kappa

Λ Lambda

M Mu

N Nu

Ξ Zi

O Omicron

Π Pi

P Rho

Σ Sigma

T Tau

Y Upsilon

Φ Phi

X Chi

Ψ Psi

Ω Omega - Ballistic Havoc

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