Cattail is a librarian that lives in Canterlot. She is the older sister of Holly Wreath, Poison Ivy, and Moon Drop.

Catherine Tail
Kind Alicorn
Gender Female
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Occupation Librarian at Canterlot
Eyes Green
Mane Blonde
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Coat Purple
Cutie Mark Cattail reeds


Cattail is a lanky Alicorn with matted fur around her hooves, as well as a scruffy tail. Her mane and tail are both an equal shade of golden yellow, and her mane has a magenta hair clip in it. Her body is a bright shade of royal purple, and her eyes are stark green.


She was the first child of Star Gazer, as well as the only one that knew their father, Armageddon. She didn't approve of the way he enforced the rules of the household, but held her tongue. Later, after Armageddon disappeared, she was old enough to apply for a job. She swiftly went to the library and asked for an internship, soon moving to an actual job there.


Star Gazer - Mother

Armageddon - Father

Moon Drop - Sister

Poison Ivy - Sister

Holly Wreath - Sister