Cinnamon Spice is a cheery Earth Pony. She is the sister of Orange Spice and the aunt of Etch-A-Sketch.


Cinnamon is a bright sienna Earth Pony with a high kept dark brown mane. She has bright orange eyes and her cutie mark is french toast.


Cinnamon was born in Seattail, the middle child in a family of five. She was born into the Spice Family and often was homeschooled. Her family wanted her to carry the tradition of knitting wonderful tapestries, but she refused and wanted to be an herbalist, along with her sisters, Orange Spice and Oregano Spice. Her parents, Hickory and Pepper Spice, wouldn't stand for it and sent them away to Ponyville. There, they soon became wonderful botanists and herbalists. They can do anything from healising a wound to reccomending a spice for food.


Hickory Spice - Father

Pepper Spice - Mother

Orange Spice - Sister

Oregano Spice - Sister

Milkweed - Son

Etch-A-Sketch - Niece

Knitting Needles - Niece

Basil - Nephew