The Cirque de terre d'merveilles is a traveling circus, that does shows all over equestria.


It started as a small circus, but soon grew as it gathered new members along the way. It is now one of the most popular ciruses in all of equestra. It is made up of several different tents, with the main one being the "Big Top", where the preformance takes place.


The Hat TentEdit

This is a tent that sells hats of all kinds, including top hats, beretts, jester caps, ect.

The Magic TentEdit

This tent sells magic tricks, enchanted artifacts, spellbooks, ect. All magic needs.

The Joke TentEdit

A tent that sells practical joke's.

The Big TopEdit

The Main Tent, where the show takes place.



This is where JOKER preforms his magic acts. It always mystifys the audiance, and when the circus in is poor town and citys, the final trick turns playing cards into paper money and red daimons that rain down on the audiance. Where he gets it is up for debate, as is weather or not this is legal.



  • JOKER (ringleader/ magician).

add your pony if you want them to work at the cirque.


  • The name is french for "Wonderland Circus".
  • It litterally translates to "Circus of The Land of Wonders".

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