Coelacanth (See-lo-canth) is an elderly pegasus pony. He is famous for founding the Tornado Troops.

Cecil "Coelacanth" Swift
Kind Pegasus
Gender Male
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Occupation Former leader of the Tornado Troops.
Eyes Yellow
Mane Grey
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Coat Pale blue
Cutie Mark Winged fish


Coelacanth is a pale blue pegasus pony with a dark grey mane. He has yellow eyes and his cutie mark is a winged fish.


Coelacanth is always there to help ponies wishing to be part of Equestria's army. Being a veteran of the Olympian War, he is often the first most ponies go to. There are times when he has flashbacks, and in these times he can be demented and hostile. the flashbacks usually stop after a few minutes, and when he snaps back to normal he appears to have no recollection of what happened.


Olympian War

During the Olympian War, Coelacanth founded the Tornado Troops. this was a group of very agile pegasus ponies that could manuver through even the toughest storms. This group was sent out to fight the most dangerous of the three Olympian ponies--Zeus. Zeus would strike down air troops in battle, making fights against his brother Hades and Poseidon very difficult.

On their mission, Zeus sent a whole flock of Blitz in, being his signature bird. They struck every member with lightning, killing or crippling them. Coelacanth was missing when the doctors went to retrieve the bodies.


Almost a hundred years later, Coelacanth was found on the shores of Manehattan's beach. Nobody from his time was still alive except for Celestia and Luna, who honored him for his brave attempt. Along with this honor, they granted him immortality on one condition--that his passion for training other ponies to defend their homeland would still be in his heart. Seventy years later, he's still alive and still training soldiers.


Conditional Immortality

Celestia granted him with this ability since the Olympian Equestrians froze his aging until he was found. He will live forever until there is nopony to teach the old fundamentals of war.


Tornado Troops - Founder


  • He is based on (And named after) the Coelacanth fish. This fish was thought to be extinct for hundreds of years until it was rediscovered by a fisherman.