Coma Surge

Coma Surge is a unicorn pony and represents the Element of Wisdom.


Coma is studious and mentally orientated and (much like Twilight in the first episode) doesn't care for such frivilous things as friendship. Despite this he is shown to be a wreck without his friends and begs their forgiveness as he knows he is nothing without them. Coma is modest and lazy, he is only hard-working when he has the enthusiasm and the energy to do something. He doesn't get out much but when he does he is an almost unstoppable force.

Coma also has a darker side. He is shown to be sadistic at times and is often offensive to many ponies. He loves to think about philosophy and science as he spends nights thinking up answers to unanswerable questions. He is good at knowing and lecturing things but he isn't as succesful at putting them into practice. He excels in mental work but cannot be bothered with the extra effort of doing something with his calculations.

Sometimes Coma believes himself to be a failure as he knows he isn't doing very well in physical exercises but he can and does prove his accusers wrong by doing something. He is intelligent enough to now that once he has lowered somepony's standards of him he can impress them without doing any work at all. His behavoiur and manipulation is frowned upon by many but he quickly regains their hearts by apologising and getting on their good sides.

Coma represents the element of wisdom and uses it well. He known how to use his extensive knowledge for good but only for what he believes to be good and worth his attention. He, like all others, has his flaws but counters them with his strengths and is a valuable source of knowledge.

Coma is devoted to the sciences and spends endless hours trying a multitude of experiments trying to gain some inner knowledge. Despite his practical wisdom Coma has no social skills and does not understand how the pony mind works. He aknowledges his powers in some fields and his understanding of the external world is impaierd but he has never let that stop him from attempting to understand everything.

He believes that his time is being spent well and often comes across amzing discoveries. He is the eyes when everypony fails to understand what they are seeing and his use of his powers are extraordinary. Twilight has even complimented that his magical capabilities are on level with hers.

Coma also speaks in an anglo-scottish dialect and uses proper grammar at all times. His formal style of speaking raises many eyebrows and he gets angry at anypony who does not use the proper grammar. He often snaps and needs to be restrained. He knows he has made a mistake but, as stated above, he isn't well in putting what he knows into practice.

Coma can win any arguement with simple logic and can deduce many clues from a simple object. His power in such fields have lead him to be called (jokingly) "Sherlock Coma". Coma is scholary and doesn't believe things in which he has no proof. He often gets surges of power where he can do what he likes but these are always willingly.

Coma is also considered to be a mad scientist for his almost inpony ways of research. He is polite and helpful to those he considers his equals but to whoever he doesn't like or simply hasn't interacted with he can be brutal. Coma is extrmemly sorry for anything he has ever done in these rages but most of the time shrugs it off if he's already been forgiven. He is also stating that his conscience is clean and makes his mind believe it.

Coma's way of approching problems is admired by all and his intelligence has already been immortalised by Princess Celestia. Coma also uses his knowledge for less than gallant purposes. He attacks and insults opponenets with a wide variety of language and mocks them if they can't understand.

Coma is prone to sarcasm and when approached by more difficult problems he ups his game. When it is required he can follow suit and switch his mentality for as long as it takes to acomplish the tasks. He can be co-operative if he desires but usually takes the easy option.

Coma can argue on for ages about his views and how he is "correct" but when he turns out to be incorrect he shrugs it off. The burden still haunts him wherever he goes but he tries not to think about it.

Coma is also thinks more vividly and outside the box. He also speaks in strange metephors that underline his creativity. He believes that it's one's imagination that makes great revelations rather than their intelligence but he still reads widely and attempts solving puzzles. In some ways he is quite devious but nopony realizes his errors as he is quick to escape.


As already stated Coma is gifted in scientific knowledge and solving problems.


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  • Coma Surge is Intrudgero98's ponification.
  • Coma Surge is featured in a drawing contest by ArchaicWarlock777 (Intrudgero98's Yotube account.)


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