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The Candy Map
Confection Chronicles Chapter 1
Air date 10 February 2012
Written by Featherlight
Edited by Featherlight
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This is the first chapter of the Confection Chronicles, a series concerning the ponies of Yummington and their quest to collect the secret dessert recipes and ultimately, stop an evil force from ruining desserts as we know them.


Main Characters

Angel Cake

Mint Chip

Other Characters

King Sweet

Chapter One


The Canterlot Council announces the grand gala of Her Royal Highness, Princess Summer. All shop owners of Yummington prepare the best high-quality confections for the gala. The shop that contributes the most and/or best confections will recieve a special award. Thank you and best of wishes to all.

Canterlot Council~


"Well,somebody has to go so it might as well be you!"

Sugar Queen's trumpant voice rang throughout the small garden where Angel Cake, a young yellow pony with light pink hair, was sitting. The filly sighed.

"I just can't get away," Angel said to herself. Ever since the Canterlot Council posted The Announcement, her mother had been cooking herself into a frenzy. Now she needed more apples from Sweet Apple Acres in Ponyville, but no one wanted to take the so-called dangerous trek through the Everfree Forest to get there. Angel herself wasn't bothered by the forest. She had always wanted to go inside but Sugar Queen forbid her, saying it was "too dangerous."

"Angel Cake..."

Angel jumped. She wasn't alone after all. Trotting over to her was her uncle, King Sweet. "Hey, Uncle King. Is there something you need?"

Uncle King nodded. "Angel Cake, would you go to Ponyville and get some apples from Sweet Apple Acres?"

"But Uncle King, Mama doesn't want me going in the Everfree Forest!" Angel protested. "She'll be furious!"

"I know, but somoene has to go," Uncle King argued. "Sugar Queen even asked Gingersnap." Angel gasped; everyone knew Grandma was more scared of the forest than her mother was.

"I can't go; I'm in charge of the cinnabuns," Uncle King continued. "I'll send French Vanilla with you, though. That way Sugar'll see I'm sending one of my kids, too. She won't get as mad."

Angel really wanted to go, but she knew her mother would be mad at her. But she could always blame Uncle was decided. "I'm going."

This chapter is not finished yet. The next part, "The Forest," will be added soon.

The Forest

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