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Copper Sequins
Creator marbles
Artist me!!
Main Attribute hardiness
Theme Color earth/grey tones
Age 28
Gender agender
Occupation designer
👍 designing, sequins, crafting, making new things
👎 being reminded of something they did, disaster, messes
Type Unicorn
Powers and abilities crafting powers, animate objects to work themselves
their works

Copper Sequins belongs to me, Marbles! Please don't use them without permission!


Copper Sequins has mismatch colors, old grey blues and washed copper. Their mane is held up in a bun, with soft copper colors and streaks of purple. They always seem tired and forlorn.

Their right eye is a dragon's pupil, which they crafted themselves with their own magic.


Copper is a rather sad pony, and is always tired from lack of sleep. They think too much about the past, and thus never heal from their past. They dwell a lot on the awful memories of old, instead of choosing to forget and learn from them.

They worry too much for their appearance, despite it all, and choose to mourn for themselves than others. Copper has a hoof for designing, and enjoys simple designs and patterns, like old rustic fashions.


Copper Sequins was born in the days of old, when Princess Celestia and Luna where just beginning their rein on Equestria. Copper was actually an upbeat, cheerful pony, who, although thought more about themselves, was usually happy. They were gifted with the art of designing and crafting, and often let it go to their head.

There was a small war going on, and Copper Sequins decided to fight for the war, because at this point they were quite prideful about what they did. Little did Copper know that war was no joke, nothing to be proud about. In their very first battle, they ended up fleeing and hiding and trying to look after themself than actually fighting for the cause, and ended up getting many ponies hurt.

While they were attempting to run away, they're back left left and right eye got severely wounded and scratched. Copper was extremely ashamed of themselves, and fled from the battle, from their home, entirely. No one thought of Copper fondly: they were one of the biggest cowards the town had ever seen.

They made themselves a false leg, and an artificial dragon's eye, where they could keep an eye for a large source of magic to stay young. Copper remains somewhere, alone and cowardly, still reflecting on the past of their past sins.


  • the dragon eye they made lets them see active points of magic to remain youthful (that's why dragons live for so long, they find magic spots)
  • tries to be brave but is just really cowardly