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Coral Beat is a Uniseapony, her parents being a Unicorn and a Seapony. She is the youngest triplet of Coral Reef and Coral Hope.

Coral Beat
Coral Beat
Gender Female
Eyes Red
Mane Pale Violet Red
Coat Slate Blue
Cutie Mark Sea Anenome with a quarter note over it


Coral Beat is a Uniseapony with a pale slate blue coat. She has fins at the back of her red mane and red eyes. Her cutie mark is a sea anenome with a quarter note above it.



Sea Sponge - Father

Ruby Reef - Mother

Coral Reef - Sister

Coral Hope - Sister

Sand Dollar - Brother

Eternity - Friend


  • "I'm blue, shoo-ba-dee, shoo-ba-di... Wait, no... um..." - Trying to get a song right
  • "Shoo-be-doo, shoo-shoo-be-doo!" - Singing a song to herself


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