Corvus is the legendary Reaper's Scythe passed down in the line of Reapers, and currently belonging to Grimm. It is also known as Death Scythe.


Having existed as long as death itself has, Corvus has belonged to many Reapers before being passed to Grimm.


Paired with a Reaper, Corvus has the ability to kill any living thing in one strike, completely disregarding all factors that would otherwise make it a nonlethal hit. This power is absolute, and cannot be avoided by anyone except a select few people. The scythe's base abilities vary depending on its user, but it's ability to kill absolutely is always constant. To wield Corvus properly, the user must be able to see death in others, an ability only used by Reapers. This allows Corvus to have its absolute killing ability.


Corvus changes in appearance from user to user, but always remaining a scythe. Currently with Grimm, is a pure black bladed scythe with multiple jagged edges with the outside blade being serrated. The handle is straight and colored silver with spiral grooves that are inlayed black in said grooves. On the other end of the handle is a smaller straight black blade.

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