Cotton Candy is the mother of Aztec and Lemon Meringue. She's the wife of Zodiac
Cotton Candy

"Lemon, I told you no flying in the house!"



She is a bookworm so she gets along with Twilight Sparkle. She makes sure that everything is neat and tidy, so she is very strict with chores. She's very organized, so she sees a letter in a section that it doesn't belong in, she gets a little twitchy and puts it in the section. So she's alot like Twilight Sparkle. She friends are the others of the Mane Six but doesn't get along with Rainbow Dash because she says she's rowdy. She doesn't get along with Pinkie Pie either because she's hyper. She's best friends with Blueberry Yogurt, Bluebelle, and Gingerbread.


She has a bubble gum pink coat with a cyan blue mane, wearing a pink headband and glasses, and has blue eyes. Her cutie mark is a open book with the inside facing up.


Aztec - Son

Lemon Meringue - Daughter

Zodiac - Husband

Blueberry Yogurt - Best Friend

Bluebelle - Best Friend

Gingerbread - Best Friend

Twilight Sparkle - Best Friend

Fluttershy - Friend

Rarity - Friend

Applejack - Friend

Rainbow Dash - Disliked

Pinkie Pie - Disliked

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