Criss Cross is an adventurous Pegasus pony. She wishes to become like Daring Do.

Kristina Krosser
Kind Pegasus
Gender Female
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Occupation Explorer
Eyes Green
Mane Neon Orange with a single Purple streak (mane), Neon Green with single Purple Streak (tail)
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Coat Vandyke Brown
Cutie Mark Tic-tac toe board



Criss Cross was born in Cloudsdale, parents unknown. She was soon orphaned, by abandoment or parents' death is undetermined, and was raised by Lightspeed. The young mare quickly taught Criss of her usual activites and beckoned her to join in.

Criss easily angered and annoyed Lord Icysky and his wife, and came close to insulting them by taking on a british accent. It soon became a normal way of speech for her, and she regrets using it for a purpose such as that.

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  • "Blimey! That ol' codger is trying to steal the lady's purse!" - Spotting a thievery
  • "Criss Cross, at ya service, mis. I hear ya be lookin' for a guide up the ol' mountains?" - Asking a pony if she can lead them up the mountains


  • She speaks with several accents, but a slurred british is her natural one.