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Crystal Mist's theme song

My Little Pony OC Crystal Mist Pony

Crystal Mist in Ponyville

"Do you seriously think I'm a moron? I might be different because I have no cutie mark, but that doesn't mean I should be treated different from the others!" Crystal Mist lecturing Rainbow Dash.

Crystal Mist is a blue pegasus pony who can control the mist of the morning. She is sweet and adores clothes that are simple summer dresses. She has no cutie mark prior to the fact that there is no cutie mark that symbolizes mist.


There is nothing known about her parents, except for once when she mentioned that her mother was a pegasus and her father was an Earth pony. She's got a bit of an attitude to her, and other pegasus ponies are jealous of her, because she's unique. She can perform spells without being a unicorn. Twilight thinks she's evil because she doesn't let anyone hang out with her, but don't tell Twilight this, but she has a small group of friends that consists of seven ponies, counting her.
My Little Pony OC Crystal Mist Equestria Girl

Crystal Mist as an Equestria Girl

She has a crush on a green unicorn, whose name is unknown. He seems to feel the same way, because he is her boyfriend.

Home and Pets

Crystal Mist lives in Cloudsdale, and is close friends with Princess Celestia, closer to her than Twilight is. She lives in a luxurious apartment that she shares with Rainbow Dash. They don't get along some of the time, but most of the time, they're the best of friends. She has a cat named
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Utada Hikaru - First love (Cover) by Aiza See on screen lyrics

Crystal's Lullaby

Kissu and a dog named Starlight.