Crystal "Nightshade" Night
Kind Natural Alicorn
Gender Male
Residence {{{residence}}}
Occupation "Royal Guard"/Miscellaneous Jobs
Eyes black
Mane grey/black
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Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Coat Black
Cutie Mark A Red X
Singing voice Me


Usually a carefree attitude about everything, and anything unless it endangers his friends, or anyone else who he knows. Reboot, he doesnt really care about anyone other than harmony and a few other people. He also has Multiple Personality Disorder, All his personalities are all the versions of him from the multiverse.


Crystal has a grey and black mane, a black and white tail,a black unicorn horn and black wings. He also looks like a mare for some reason. In my rebooted version of him, he wears a black leather jacket to hide his wings and cutie mark. He also sometimes weras goggles on his head to keep his hair back.




Angry Ogun


Derpy Hooves - Friend (Technically)

Harmony Light -sister

Dark Night- father

Bright Day- mother

Mecho - Best friend

Cutie MarkEdit

Crystal's Cutie Mark allows him to alter, eliminate, or even create memories in other ponies minds. He rarely ever uses his cutie marks powers due to A) The side effects of altering memories, And B) The fact that he himself doesn't know why he got his cutie mark in the first place. Crystal himself is probably still technically a blank flank, and the cutie mark is actually Frenzy's causing it to transfer over to Crystal when Frenzy first gained control of crystal. 


Frenzy is Crystal's Main AP (Alternate Personality) Who wants to cause chaos and panic among the world, in other words, he wants to watch the world burn. While Frenzy, his magic powers are enhanced, his eyes turn red, and his wings grow sharper and he can also fly. Even though he is evil he cannot hurt ones he loves or cares for A.K.A harmony (his sister) because Crystal still has partial control of him and can prevent it. This form of him first appeared in the ed trio story (and so far nowhere else). Ponies living that know of this form: Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna, Star Storm, Most of Crystal's friends and family (minus his parents) (Celestia has been kept in the dark about his personality due to Crystal's Distrust of her.) And all his other personalities also know of frenzy, (duh). Frenzy was originally not supposed to exist in the universe that Crystal Exists in, but due to some magical time paradox (Or Tumblr Anons) Frenzy was teleported into the Universe that Crystal was in. Causing Crystal to discover the Mirror that Frenzy was trapped in when he entered the universe.

Frenzy's "allies"Edit

Angry Ogun: For now...... (evil grin)

Chronicle: Technically


Frenzy's Enemies Edit

The mane six

The ed trio

any other "hero" groups

Any "Heroes"


Crystal has basically mastered most types of magic, other than transformation magic and some other specific types of magic. Reboot version he is almost a master of all magics, but can only use most of them in frenzy form, or when frenzy is lending him some of his power.


Redesign for crys, minus his jacket, When i become stubborn enough to draw him, I'll add it




Frenzy's First design, Before Season 2.

New crystalnight

Season 2 and up design for Crystal Night


Crystal Under the effects of poison joke, See? Doesn't he look weird w/ a stallion build?

New frenzy in flight

new frenzy in flight

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