Best of luck everypony!

—Crystal Treetop

Crystal Treetop is an Earth Pony living in Ponyville. She moved with her friends Twister Torso and Ricardica. (If you are looking for her Sonic counterpart, go to Sonicfanon and type Christina "Christie" the Hedgehog)
Crystal talks to Applejack


Like Rarity, Christina likes do design clothes and fashion lines. She's kind hearted, shy and has a lot of altruism. She is one of the new elements of harmony: Element of Altruism.


Crystal has moved to ponyville from another world with her two best friends, Ricardica and Twister Torso. Her first friend in Ponyville was Applejack. She introduced herself to Christina. Applejack hears the word "Christina" as "Crystal Treetop" which became her name forever.

Later on, she meet everyone else. One pony, Rarity, she thought were to be a good desginer. However Rarity became Crystal's rival after a while.

Crystal also told Twilight all about a unicorn from her home planet that knows advanced magic. Of course her friends Twister and Ricardica already know about this.



Ricardica was Crystal's best friend ever since the two moved to Ponyville. They do almost everything together and work as if they were a duo.


Applejack was the first pony in Ponyville she had ever meet. The two became best friends and accomplished many things faster than she does with her own family!


Crystal and Rarity are mortal enemies. Rarity fights Crystal and competes agaisnt her to see who's prettier and who designs better clothes etc. etc.

Pinkie Pie

Pinkie and Crystal are good friends. They don't interact a lot though.


Crystal knows how to design and model for clothes. She usually does this for her friends. She is a fast runner and tries her best in everything that she does. She also trains with Ricardica in Pony Cheerleading.